Applicant Tracking System

& Psychometric testing

ATS - Applicant Tracking System

  • One-stop shop for when you advertise a job.
  • Customise questions you want to ask your applicants.
  • Use the “apply here” link to advertise vacancies.
  • Receive applicants’ answers and CVs in one place.
  • Mark your favourite applications.
  • Use our psychometric tests to test cognitive ability and personality.
  • Contact applicants from the ATS to set up an interview.

Cognitive Ability testing

General Cognitive Ability is the most consistent predictor of job performance.  Research indicates that employees with a high general cognitive ability will learn faster, understand instructions better and will be able to solve more complex problems in the workplace.

Use our online cognitive ability test for screening your applicants.

Personality testing

Find out whether your applicants will fit into the team and how his/her personality will influence his working day, the team and ultimately your business.

Use our online personality test to make sure your applicants will fit in.

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An ATS is a software solution that enables companies to handle the entire recruitment process in one place.

In today’s work environment things happen faster than during any other period in history.  Companies who use an Application Tracking System to attract skilled and bright employees, will be the frontrunner in the recruitment game.  With HireBright’s ATS you will increase your recruitment strategies.  You won’t only find the answers to your administration problems during the recruitment process, but you will also find pre-employment and psychometric testing possibilities and therefore use scientific ways to identify top talent.

An ATS is not only for big corporate companies!  Any start-up, small and medium size companies looking to hire, would benefit greatly from using the HireBright ATS.  If you are looking for bright workers and want to find them fast and without effort, the HireBright ATS with integrated psychometric testing options, is the answer you are looking for.

So, still wondering if an ATS is the way to go?  Here are the advantages of using HireBright’s ATS:

  • Work hours spent on receiving and organising CVs will reduce dramatically
  • You can ask your applicants questions on the application link before you have even spoken to them. This will eliminate poor applications
  • All information related to your applicants will be organised in one place
  • You can mark your favourites which will reduce revisiting CVs
  • HireBright ATS allows psychometric testing as an ad-on which makes us unique
  • Cognitive ability testing and personality testing will give you insight into the way your applicants will be able to handle complex work tasks and how they will fit into your team
  • You will pay in Rands for what you use and not in foreign currencies
  • You will not only save money, but also find bright employees for your business

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