Would this mean any extra admin for you?

No! If you request HireBright to proctor testing, we arrange everything with the applicants and let you know once the results have been delivered to the ATS.  If you want to proctor testing yourself, you can arrange a convenient time to proctor testing on-site.

How many applicants can I test?

You can buy as many Test Links as you need.  Refer to our Pricing Page.

How long will I wait for results?

Once a test has been completed, the results are immediately available on the ATS for you to view.

The Employment Equity Act, 55 of 1998, Section 8 states that any tests used for employment purposes must be scientifically valid and reliable, it should be applied fairly, and it should not be biased against any employee or group.  HireBright only uses tests and testing methods which adheres to these regulations.

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