You have the option of using our free ATS (application tracking system) to capture and filter CVs before performing proctored online Cognitive Ability testing on the filtered applicants.  The results after online testing, delivers into the ATS and you immediately have a good sense of who your top candidates are.  You only have to do the interviews!

How to test your candidates before you hire them:

Decide how many applicants you want to test

Buy test links

If this is your first time buying through HireBright, please contact us and one of our consultants will run through the process with you.

Decide whether you are going to proctor yourself or whether you require HireBright to proctor.

If you proctor the testing yourself, arrange testing with applicants at your offices.

If you require HireBright to proctor, please contact us as we will take care of the rest.

Sign in to the HireBright portal with your login details and view your applicant’s results.

Print PDF report on each applicant as needed.

Sit back and relax as you have employed the best candidates

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