Applicant Tracking System = the end of paperwork for you!

Online applications of advertised job vacancies are the way to go.  With our fully automated ATS you can:

  • Set-up customised questions on the online application link,
  • Filter according to the answers of these questions,
  • Filter CVs,
  • Mark favourite applications,
  • Perform online Cognitive Ability testing or Personality testing.
  • Obtain immediate results after online testing; results delivers into the ATS and you immediately have a good sense of who your top candidates are.  You only have to do the interviews!

Can I decide which questions I want to ask on the application form?

Yes!! You manage the questions.  You can create as many questions as you like and all the answers of these questions delivers straight into the ATS next to the applicant’s name.

Where do I get the CVs of the applicants that applied?

After login on you can navigate to your various intakes and next to the applicant’s name you will find a button stating “Download” from where you can download the CV.

How long will I wait for results after using the Cognitive or Personality tests?

Once a test has been completed, the results are immediately available on the ATS for you to view under “view report” next to the applicant’s name.

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